My name is Elise Huard. I’m a software consultant. I have been alternatively crafting and bashing together software for about 15 years now, and will gladly share my experience and/or war stories. My skill set comprises Haskell, Clojure, javascript, ruby, C, scaling, and a good few bits and bobs beside.

I’ve spoken at a fair number of conferences, most of them Ruby, some of them javascript, some more polyglot.

If you’re a young woman who want to take the same path, I’d be happy to mentor you. I heartily recommend it as a career (contact me: elise at this domain).

I love learning, I’m as pragmatic as I can – the simplest thing that can possibly work – and I’m a good listener – what do you need?

I also have a baby daughter, and bake a good carrot cake, and a mean lime cheesecake (literally).

Elise Huard