Holiday Reading

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I’m about to go on holiday. It’s been ages, it’s my first proper break in a good while, so I’m really looking forward to it. As always, I’m going to go overboard and plan for a whole wash list of books to read – I mean, I’ll have time, right? We’re doing a road trip, so I’ll be driving a lot of the time, but surely I’ll have hours and hours to read?

Machine Learning for Hackers Nice practical overview of a number of machine learning use cases using R

Purely functional data structures I’m still bending my head round functional paradigms, so I’m hoping this provides more insights.

While we’re at it: I’m hoping Learn you some Haskell for Great Good will help rewiring my brain.

And I should finally finish Thinking, fast and slow which is an extraordinary book about cognition, which I pretty much recommend to everyone I meet.

And start on What I talk when I talk about running of Murakami, a long-time favourite writer. This is an essay, and I’m curious about what he has to say.

Speaking of which, I heartily recommend this video by Bradbury, who not only wrote great books but also sounds like a very likeable person: Talent is nothing without focus or endurance