Euruko 2010

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I finally attended my first Euruko. It had, for me, the perfect size (250 people) and the perfect length (2 days). And it was an opportunity to see Krakow, a lovely town in the south of Poland. The castle, the historical buildings, the churches, the lively nightlife in well hidden locations, you name it, Krakow has it. Very green too, with lots of parks and trees. (note to self: go back there for a proper short holiday)

I did a talk, which is a condensed and enhanced version of the talk I did at ScotRuby. While I was again extremely nervous (which did influence my perception of the event), it went well and people seemed interested.

Other talks I recommend to check out: Ruby Profiling by Piotr Szotkowski, DSL or NoDSL by Jose Valim, Choice architectures by Elliot Crosby-McCullough, Florian Gilcher’s talk about encodings. Unfortunately, I missed some interesting talks on saturday and also on sunday since I had to clear out to catch my plane.

I also enjoyed Matz’s talk, in which he said 2 things: that the Ruby community should stay nice, open and tolerant, even through its growth, and that standing still in open source is death, so we should always move forward.

I got to take a picture with to Matz (I look like I felt, terribly self-conscious), I got to talk to the developer of rbdbgr (Rocky Bernstein), which I wanted to do, I got to sit next to Jose Valim and Yehuda Katz (secretly trying to soak up some of their ‘fu). Medium-sized conferences are great.

Thanks Paul Klipp, Ela Madej, Agatha and team for the fantastic conference !