FOSDEM, Volunteers

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… we’re still looking for volunteers to help us out during the weekend ! If you’re planning to come, consider helping us out for half a day (or a day if you want).
You’ll get a staff t-shirt and the feeling to have contributed to the worthy cause of Open Source !

So let’s see, we need: friday: 12-14h, 14-16h network* 18-22h set up stands and booths 18-22h signalisation (arrows etc) 18-22h set up infodesk

saturday 5-8h, 8-10h network* 8-13h, 12h45-19h infodesk 10-12h, 12-14h, 14h-16h, 16-18h help and moderate speakers of main track

sunday 8h30-13h, 12h45-18h30 infodesk 10-12h, 12-14h, 14-16h, 16-18h help and moderate speakers of main track cleanup: 17-20h network* 16-18h, 18-20h breakdown and cleanup

Let me know if you’re interested, and for which slots. * we ask that you know your way around networks, preferably