Random Tinkering

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Last few month, i haven’t had time to throw more than a cursory glance at whatever was going on in the Rails community.

I’m only starting my next job on the 19th of january. I’ve decided to try and submit a proposal for a Rails conf this year – so now’s time to have a good browse through all my Ruby and Rails feeds and have a sniff around.

I come to the office every day, as usual, but instead of coding i look around and experiment. All I can say is that it’s great fun – i hope i’ll have the opportunity to do this again !

Playthings so far:

  • Android and the possibility to use JRuby with android. Android uses a different bytecode, because it has its own virtual machine (Dalvik Virtual Machine) instead of the JVM. So a modified jrubyc compiler would be necessary. Not to mention that Android apps are very constrained in form, and also that we want to keep the footprint of resulting bytecode small. Difficult, but then easy is boring.

  • A plugin i mostly developed in previous project, which needs tidied up and open sourced. Remains to be seen whether anyone will find it useful. More about this later.

  • CouchDB and Rails. I found a series of articles on the subject and about to investigate whether it works …

  • XMPP/Jabber and its uses for a Rails app

  • Further tinkering with erlang

  • Keeping an eye on the Rails edge repository

That’s what’s keeping me busy for now … If you have other ideas, let me know. Fun !